Why Everyone Should Visit Bali

Why Everyone Should Visit Bali

We had heard that Bali was cool. That we should definitely go and make it a stop along our world travels. But when we first arrived and saw the busyness and dirtiness of the city, we weren’t quite sure why everyone thought it was such a cool place. And then we really got to know the people, see the sights, eat the food, and experience the goodness of this place. And then we fell in love. This is why we think everyone should visit Bali!


We visited Bali during the rainy season, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect for weather. But we were pleasantly surprised! The weather was very warm and it only rained a few short showers during our 2 week stay. We spent most of our days outside at our beautiful Airbnb home’s pool. It was the perfect type of warm weather where you only cover up with a sheet at night, you can walk around with only one layer of clothing during the day, and you aren’t sweating from the sweltering heat. It was perfect!


Bali is so affordable! From the transportation, to the food, to the accommodation, to the entertainment. It is cheap! We could feed our family of 6 a good size meal at a restaurant for $10-20! We rented our scooter for $4 a day….$4!! We hired drivers for the day many times to get around and it was much cheaper than renting a car. You get a lot of bang for your buck when visiting Bali. And we’re not mad about it ;)

Calm, Relaxing, Peaceful

We stayed in Ubud. Once you’re outside the bustle of the city, Bali is so calm, relaxing, and peaceful. You are surrounded by lush forest or gorgeous green rice fields. You can hear the hum of the bugs and croaking of the frogs and laughing of the geckos. There are fireflies dancing around at night. It was so therapeutic being away from the crazy city life and enjoying the quiet of a beautiful place.


Oh the fruit! The fruit in Bali is all so delicious! We went to local markets daily to replenish our fruit supplies. There were so many varieties and we wanted to try them all….and we did! Our favorites were mangosteen, custard apple, snake fruit, and passion fruit. We would eat fresh fruit by our pool every afternoon as a snack. My mouth is watering just remembering it all! It was definitely our highlight of Bali…the fruit!


The Balinese people are so full of culture! They are devoted to their religion and are extremely hard workers. They are humble and easy going. It was so fun getting to know people at church, our drivers, or the people at the restaurants. We loved them!

Easy to Communicate

It was pretty easy to communicate in Bali. Most of the Balinese people that you are interacting with as a tourist know a little bit of English. Or they know someone who does! We learned some basic terms to get us by and to show them that we cared about their culture.


Bali is beautiful! There are rice fields, waterfalls, temples, and hand carved buildings and walls everywhere. You are bound to find a beautiful place wherever you look!

Our favorite place to visit while we were in Bali was the small island just a boat ride away called Nusa Penida. Wow. Talk about breathtaking! We took a quick day trip tour and absolutely loved its beauty! The beaches were gorgeous, the views were stunning, and the water was warm. You can’t get better than that!

Bali is just such a great place to visit! We absolutely loved our time there and wish we could have had more time there. From the people to the food to the beauty, it’s a wonderful place to spend your holiday.

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