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About Us

We are the Woods family. We consist of a dad, mom, 3 sons, and 1 daughter. We were all born and raised in the United States, moved our family to New Zealand for 2 years, and loved it so much that we wanted to travel & explore the world together more! We are fortunate to work remotely so we can still provide for our family while we travel. We love learning new things, exploring, meeting new people, serving others, and being together as a family. 

Traveling is amazing. But it has its ups and downs, Thorns & Roses. We believe in being honest. And that's why we are documenting the truths about travel. The truth about the costs. The truth about the organization. The truth about the time commitment. The truth about the good. The truth about the bad. The truth about the scary and exciting. We are the Transparent Travelers and we hope that we can enlighten you as you follow along on our journey. Come along!

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