Our Family Service in Thailand

Our Family Service in Thailand

We try to find ways to serve in all the countries that we visit as we travel the world. Sometimes our service is larger than other times, but we always want to give back wherever we visit.

As one of our activities in Thailand, we visited a sea turtle sanctuary. It was a place dedicated to rescuing and raising sea turtles. Once they are big and strong, they release them out in the wild. We all loved learning about the turtles and seeing the adorable little baby ones! While we visited the sanctuary, we learned that a major cause of deaths for sea turtles can be rubbish left on the beaches. They can mistake a plastic bag for a jellyfish and accidently eat it and die.

Since our kids absolutely love animals, we thought it would be a great idea to do a beach cleanup. So, we gathered some large garbage bags and hit up our local beach. We all got straight to work picking up tons of litter lining the beach. At first it didn’t look like there was much rubbish to clean, but the longer we worked, the more and more we saw! We only worked in a small area and were able to clean it quite thoroughly. It didn’t take long to fill 5 huge black rubbish bags full of litter.

It was satisfying seeing the difference we made on that small portion of beach. The kids loved the thought of having helped the sea turtles and we loved seeing how clean we left it.

Our family service in Thailand was very simple and quick, but it still taught our kids hard work, respect for the environment, and hopefully made the area a little more beautiful. We loved that beach a little more after we left, knowing that it was a bit cleaner for our friends.

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