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Family Travel Costs in Thailand

Family Travel Costs in Thailand with the Transparent Travelers at

Family Travel Costs in Thailand

We’re just gonna come out and say it now…we loved Thailand! And a major part of our love affair with this amazing country was the affordability! We were pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive everything was in Thailand. We’re sharing our family travel costs in Thailand so you can make plans to go too!


We made another deal with an Airbnb owner to take pictures of their property for a discount. So we got to stay in a beautiful home for a fraction of the cost! We don’t like staying in the touristy and crowded areas, so we found a great condo in a place called Khao Lak. It was just a few minutes’ drive to gorgeous beaches and close to lots of yummy restaurants.


And that brings us to the food. Oh the food! Hands down, our favorite thing about Thailand was the Thai food! Not only was it absolutely delicious, but it was so darn cheap! We could feed our family of 6 all under $20. And not just splitting meals kind of food. We’re talking everyone picks whatever they want off the menu, full platter kinds of food. We ate out every night. It was just cheaper and easier to hit up a yummy restaurant. We made it our mission to find the best Massaman and Panang Curry dishes…and we did!


The thorn in our side of expenses is always rental cars! It’s such a huge part of the budget, but a necessity. Renting a car allows us to drive wherever and whenever we want. And that kind of freedom is worth the price tag.


We spent a large part of our budget on excursions and we’re so glad we did! A large chunk of those expenses was actually a Christmas gift from Cody’s parents. They gave us money to find a cool adventure on our travels, and boy oh boy did we?! We took a snorkeling tour to the Surin Islands. It was the best snorkeling we’ve ever done! We also went on a private longboat ride on a beautiful lake. We also hit up a turtle sanctuary. And we couldn't leave Thailand without experience a true Thai our whole family experienced one!

Airfare: $242

Accommodation: $1,073

Food: $476

Transportation: $710

Fuel: $107

Extra: $630

TOTAL: $3,238

Average per day: $216

Average per person per day: $36

Family Travel Costs in Thailand with the Transparent Travelers at

We absolutely loved our time in Thailand! The weather, the relaxation, the beaches, the food…everything! It is definitely a place we will revisit and one you should put on your bucket list!

Family Travel Costs in Thailand with the Transparent Travelers at

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