How to Feed Your Family on a Budget When Traveling

How to Feed Your Family on a Budget When Traveling

A major cost in family travel is food! And especially when you have a big family to feed, the food bill can add up really fast! But don’t let that stop you from traveling! We’ll show you how to feed your family on a budget when traveling so you can experience great adventures and make wonderful memories together, without breaking the bank!

Stay at Airbnb Homes

When you stay in a hotel, your only option is to eat out for all three meals a day. And that can get pretty pricey! So, we always try to stay in an Airbnb home that is fully equipped with a kitchen and cookware so we can make our own meals. Eating in saves so much money!

Eat Breakfast at Home

We always hit up the local grocery store right away and stock up on breakfast foods. This way we can save money and time by preparing a healthy and cheap breakfast before we leave the home for the day.

Pack a Lunch

We’re usually on the go during the day when we’re traveling. The best way to save money on lunches is to simply pack your lunch for the day. We try to buy things to make sandwiches or cheese and crackers or finger foods that will fill us up and keep us all happy.

Pack Snacks

Walking around and exploring all day can sure make you hungry! And it can also get pretty expensive to stop for street snacks along your way. So we make sure to take some packaged goods with us like granola bars, cut up veggies, or fruit so we can refuel and keep going. But, when we come across a gelateria or bakery, we may or may not pop in for a treat ;)

Cook Dinner at Home

When we have the time, we try to head home for dinner. Eating dinner out as a family is one of the most expensive meals of the day. So, we make simple meals at home to save money. Then, when we want to eat out, we don’t feel as guilty for forking over so much money at a good restaurant.

Split Meals

When we do eat out as a family, we’re wise with what we get. As a family of 6, we don’t need 6 entrees. We can usually get by with 4. Our kids don’t have as big of appetites as we do so we just split meals when we can.

Tasting all the different types of food as we travel is one of our very favorite things! So even though we try to save money on eating out, we definitely have our fair share of fine cuisine as we travel. We are just smart about what and where we eat. We pick and choose how we want to spend our money. Some countries can be very affordable to eat out. Just get to know the area and do your homework to see if it’s more cost effective to eat out or stay in. But, there is definitely a way to make traveling affordable!

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