Bali From a Kid’s Perspective

Bali From a Kid’s Perspective

Bali is a small island in Indonesia and is home to 1-2 million people. If you ask me, that’s a lot of people in such a small space. The people living together in this country are very simple. We saw farmers planting their rice, children riding scooters to the grocery store and even saw a family of four riding a scooter.

Here are some things we liked: First of all everything was so cheap and people were so friendly. We also went to an island off the coast of Bali called Nusa Penida. We went to the most famous landmarks such as; Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Beach. Nusa Penida was definitely the most beautiful place in Bali that we went to.

Another cool thing in Bali was a temple on a lake. In pictures of the temple that we had seen, it had lush bushes on the side of it and it was fully out of water. But when we went there, it was partially submerged. (Almost like Atlantis at low tide).

Later on we went to some awesome rice terraces. It was so green I thought I was in New Zealand again. One thing that topped everything off was the weather. It was warm, but not too warm. It was the rainy season, but didn’t seem to rain that much. It was incredible weather.

But our absolute favorite thing in Bali was stopping on the side of the road and getting to interact with some animals. They had snakes, a bat, an owl, an iguana, and other cool creatures that we got to hold. It was awesome!

Here are things we didn’t like about Bali: The main thing we didn’t like was the fact that we had to be careful what we ate. For example: you couldn’t eat dairy, unpeeled or uncooked fruits and vegetables, or drink the water.

The only other things were the traffic and the roads at Nusa Penida. The roads were riddled with holes and bumps, which made it almost look like a slice of Swiss cheese. The traffic was crazy because there were hundreds of scooter riders that were weaving in and out of the gaps between vehicles. This made it kind of scary for our dad to drive to the grocery store. Other than that, Bali was one of the best places we’ve been.

Even though Bali is part of third world country, it still felt safe and was such an incredible place. If you are stopping in south east Asia, we definitely recommend coming to Bali.

(Drop the mic)

Kids out.

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