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The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel

You’ve booked your flight. Awesome! But now you’ve got to figure out how to maneuver from Point A to Point B and everything in between! It can be overwhelming figuring out where to go in a new place. We’ve tried lots of forms of transportation as we travel the world and have our favorites. Here are the easiest ways to get around as you travel.

Uber or Grab

Uber is gaining popularity around the globe. And for good reason! All you have to do is have the Uber app and an account and you can get easily picked up at your location. The fares can vary depending on where you are. They can get pricey in some cities but can also be super cheap in others. But the drivers are friendly, the cars are clean, and the service is fast. We love that you can rate your experience so that there are always great drivers on the road.

We used Uber solely during our stay in Kuala Lumpur. It was so cheap being able to take a drive just a few miles here and there to get to where we needed to go. Since our family is larger, we always order the Uber XL to fit us all in. It’s always a highlight of our trips getting to know the Uber drivers and learn about their culture. It definitely enhances our travel experience.

Grab is similar to Uber and is also gaining business. It is the same concept as Uber but just a different company. Same great service.


A lot of big cities have trains, tubes, or subways. These are such great options when you need to get somewhere within the area. It can get tricky figuring out which track to use and which stops to get off at. But you can always use trusty google to help or there are always maps available at the stations and on the trains. It’s an affordable way to travel and you don’t have to wait long between trains.

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at


Using the bus is a very inexpensive option. You can get bus routes easily online so you know which bus numbers to take and which stops to get off at. You can either get a bus card and get money loaded onto it or use cash as you board the bus. The drivers are usually pretty helpful if you have questions on where to go.

We used the bus often in Rarotonga and Kuala Lumpur. We never had to wait too long at a bus stop and we got really good at holding on tight to the rails while we stood when the bus was packed tight!


Taxis are phasing out in some areas because Uber is taking over, but they are definitely still available! When you’re in a city, it’s usually pretty easy to hail a taxi from the street.

During our time in Singapore, it was actually cheaper to take a taxi than an Uber. But taking a taxi is convenient and easy to pile into.

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at

Hire a Driver

In some locations, you can hire a driver for a quick trip, a few hours, or for the day. It allows you to have a personal ride somewhere with someone that knows the area well. This is their full-time job, so they are always very knowledgeable and friendly.

We hired drivers all the time during our time in Bali. We were so impressed with how well they took care of their cars…they were always immaculate! It is so fun getting to know them and learning about the area through a local’s eyes.


Lots of small islands or even bigger cities are scooter crazy! It’s a great way to get around quick! Renting scooters is very cheap and an easy way to get to where you need to go. Parking is definitely easier when you have a scooter too!

We rented a scooter in Rarotonga and Bali and it made our experience so fun! It was the cheapest way to get around. But, it can be tricky if you have bad weather or if you have a big family! We were able to pile on 4 people on our scooter =) You’ll find that when you visit scooter friendly cities, anything goes! And beware of crazy crazy drivers! =)

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at


Walking can be a great way to explore! You can get up close and personal with a new place. Using your feet is the cheapest way to get around!

We walked a lot in Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Singapore, and London. We just made sure to wear comfy shoes and have water and snacks on hand.


Many places have bikes around the city to rent that you can take for the day. This is a fun way to see the city at your own pace but do it faster than walking. It's not an say option if you have kids, but it's great if you're in a group of adults and want a good workout.

Rent a Car

Sometimes it’s just easier to rent a car so you can come and go as you please. It’s cost effective if you have a lot of people or luggage. Renting a car is definitely the most expensive option. But it also gives you the most freedom. Just make sure you know the road rules of the country you’re visiting so you remain safe!

Being in a new place can be scary, but when you know the best ways to get somewhere it isn’t so bad. Do your research before you travel somewhere so you know your options. These are the easiest ways to get around as we travel and we hope they are for you too!

The Easiest Ways to Get Around as You Travel with the Transparent Travelers at

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