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What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide

What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide with the Transparent Travelers at

What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide

We love using Airbnb as we travel. Staying in a home allows us to travel more freely and enjoy the sense of adventure while being comfortable in a home setting. Staying in a home provides the ability to eat in, more privacy, and a homey feel when away from home. We have traveled all over the world and have stayed at many Airbnb homes! And you would be surprised at how many places lack so many essentials. It can make or break a travel experience if the home you’re staying in doesn’t have the necessities. After much experience, here is what we think every Airbnb home should provide if they want to run a successful business, get good reviews, and make their customers happy and comfortable!

About Airbnb Customers

What you first need to know is what your customer’s needs and wants are when traveling. Most likely, someone is choosing to stay in your home because they want the freedom of being able to cook a meal instead of always eating out. They are ok with not having daily room service. They enjoy the privacy and space of a home to themselves. Airbnb guests are most likely looking for a place where they can call home while they’re away from home, a place where they can relax and feel comfortable. But if they don’t have the essentials they need, it can really disrupt their holiday. Your customers shouldn’t have to spend more money to be able to stay comfortably in a home that should provide the essentials.

Airbnb Essentials

We have been to quite a few homes that don’t have adequate supplies to make our stay enjoyable. We’ve had to run to the store to get things that we absolutely needed to survive the time we were there. Some homes haven’t had any cookware at all. Some haven’t provided adequate linens, soap, or cleaning supplies. It makes the stay so much more enjoyable when the essentials are offered. Other essentials that every Airbnb should have are:



Dryer or clothes rack or clothes line


Laundry basket

Broom & dustpan and/or vacuum

Cleaning supplies: bathroom spray, kitchen spray and cloths to clean

Iron & ironing board

Rubbish bags

If you want your customers to take good care of your home, then you need to provide proper items that will allow them to keep it clean and functional. People have accidents and make messes. Please make available the cleaning supplies necessary to clean up their spills and respect your home.

What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide with the Transparent Travelers at




Salt & pepper

Cooking utensils (large spoons, spatulas)

Eating utensils (forks, spoons, knives)



Drinking cups

Mixing or serving bowls

Measuring cups

Dish Soap

Scrub brush

Dishwasher or drying rack

Hot water

Filtered water dispenser (if in a place where the water isn’t safe to drink)

Dish towels

Cutting board

Sharp knives

A well-stocked kitchen makes for a happy guest! They most likely want to cook meals while staying in your home, so it’s essential that your kitchen has the basic items to allow them to do so. There should be enough cookware and utensils for the amount of people allowed to stay in your home. For instance, if your home sleeps 6 people, then you should provide at least 6 cups, plates, bowls, and eating utensils.

What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide with the Transparent Travelers at


Hand towels

Bath towels

Toilet paper


Body Wash

Hand soap

Blow dryer

What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide with the Transparent Travelers at


Milk, bread, or coffee (something to get your customer by their first morning until they can get to the store)



Rice cooker

Fly swatter

Beach/pool towels

Extra bed linens

Extra towels




What Every Airbnb Home Should Provide with the Transparent Travelers at


You want to make the stay for your guest as seamless as possible, for you and for them! You probably don't want to be bothered with loads of questions so you should definitely provide a list of home rules. The list should include things like what to do with the rubbish, how to work the tv, how to work the washer, and what the home owner's expectations are for the guest. It's better to have good communication with your guest so everyone is on the same page. To reduce your amount of time you spend on your business, make arrangements for keys to be left some place for your customer to easily get them on their own. Message them good directions and instructions so you won't be bombarded with questions or frustrations. Make this as smooth as possible for everyone.

And that’s it! We promise that if you provide these essentials in your Airbnb home, you will have happier guests! You want good reviews. You want more customers. So, make the investments needed to create a space that is comfortable and relaxing and you will have a successful business.

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