We're Traveling the World. What's In Our Bags?

We’re Traveling the World. What’s in Our Bags?

We’re traveling the world. What’s in our bags? With 4 kids, 2 adults, and lots of travel, how do we pack?! We’re not gonna lie. It took us a lot of prep and time to get our bags ready for our world travels…making sure we had what we needed and not much more. So, what’s in our bags? We’ll tell you!

We wish we could pack one suitcase for each of us and call it good. Easy peasy right?! Wrong. 6 suitcases, plus 6 personal backpacks, plus 6 people would just be too much to fit into a rental car, taxi, or uber. So, we had to make sure to pack efficiently. We concluded that we could get away with 2 medium suitcases and 2 small suitcases and still be able to fit into transportation comfortably. So, this is what we ended up packing for our world travels:


7 pairs of underwear

5 pairs of socks

1 pair of pjs

2 swimsuits

1 church outfit

1 sweatshirt

1 rain jacket

1 jacket

5 short sleeve shirts

1 long sleeve shirt

4 shorts/skirts

1 pair of pants

1 hat


Flip flops

Tennis shoes

Hiking shoes

Water shoes


The kids are in charge of carrying their own backpacks. They chose what to put to entertain them as we travel and what was most important to have along with us on our journey. Their backpacks include:

Hiking shoes

Electronic device

3 stuffed animals


Water bottle


Pencil pouch with coloring and writing materials



Even though all of the kids’ clothes fit well into the 2 small suitcases, we found that it works better to put all of their clothes and JoEllen’s clothes into one medium suitcase. Cody puts his clothes, the jackets, some shoes, toiletries, first aid kit, and miscellaneous electronic items into the other medium suitcase.


The other small suitcase is packed with odds and ends. It holds things that don’t fit well into backpacks or that are odd shaped and bulky.

Snorkel masks & snorkels

Flip flops

Water shoes


Blow dryer

Hair straightener


It’s always a big fear to lose your luggage when you’re traveling. So, we make sure to carry on one small suitcase on all of our flights. We pack the essentials to make sure we’ll be covered for a few days just in case our luggage doesn’t make it with us to our destination. The 15lb carryon weight limit doesn’t get us far, but we’re able to pack a few things to get us by. This is what we pack for each member of the family:

2 outfits

2 pairs of underwear

1 pair of socks

1 swimsuit



And that’s it! We are traveling the world and that’s what’s in our bags! It’s always so fun repacking everywhere we go! Not. But we have a system down and we know everything fits since we’ve done it so often! It’s kept us from buying souvenirs because we just don’t have the space for anything more!

Want to see what JoEllen packed in her suitcase?? Click here! You can also see what she packed in her personal backpack here

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