Australia From a Kid's Perspective

Australia From a Kid's Perspective

Our family is traveling the world for several months. Australia was our first stop on the list so us kids thought we’d share what we liked and didn’t like about some of the places we went.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a zoo for Australian animals where you can interact with some of the safe animals. We heard that you can hold koalas there so we were really excited to go there.

What we liked about Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is that you could pet koalas, emus, kangaroos and wallabies. You could also feed the kangaroos. The kangaroos’ tongues felt so warm when they would lick the food right off your hand. We even saw an adorable joey stuffed in his mother’s pouch. In one enclosure, they had an adorable platypus. At first, we thought that it was a baby, but then we realized that the petite platypus was actually an adult. The platypus was our favorite animal. Towards the end, we even got to pet a koala. The koala fur was soft and fluffy like a raw ball of cotton.

What we didn’t like about the koala sanctuary was that we had to pay an extra $20 to hold the koalas. Another thing we didn’t like was that we could not look closely at the talented raptors at the raptor show. One disappointing feature was that they only had one small crocodile. Overall though, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was a pretty cool place to go and we definitely recommend going there if you visit Brisbane.

South Bank Area

South bank area is part of Brisbane city. There is a big river going through the area, and a couple ferries stop and go around the river. We thought that the ferry was cool.

Some of the things we liked about Southbank was that it had a sandy pool and a normal pool. We spent our whole pool time in the sandy pool and had a very fun time there. We had chicken wars, water fights and played under water tag. Next was the playground. The playground had a big hamster wheel and some big slides. The slides were fun but dangerous because you would get rug burns. We then played tag on the ground. Then it was time to go so we corralled everyone up and went home.

We didn’t like that the slides would give you rug burns and that the ferry went so slow. Under the sand in the sandy pool the ground was very course and some of us got bad scratches. We also didn’t like all the people at the pool because there was so many people. We do recommend visiting south bank though because it was a lot of fun!

Crocodile Tour

We went on a crocodile tour in Mission Beach. We went up and down a river determined to find some crocs. In the end we saw a couple of crocodiles so it was well worth the time.

What we liked about the crocodile tour was that when we stopped for a rest at the beach the tour guide took out a snack table and sodas. We also liked that the tour guide knew where the crocodiles were and he also gave us really cool facts about the nature and wildlife in the area.

Here are the things we didn’t like as much. First of all, the crocodiles thought it was a game of hide and seek. As hide and seek goes, the little ones become restless and end up being the first ones to be spotted. The same went with the crocodile tour. We only saw the babies. All in all it was a great tour and there weren’t many bad things about it.

Great Barrier Reef

Most of the family was sick, so only my dad and I (Ethan) got to go on this once in a lifetime experience. We were taken out to the middle of the ocean to jump out of a boat and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.

What I liked about the Great Barrier Reef tour was that there were so many different cool creatures (and if you know me, I’m all about cool creatures.) Dad and I ended up seeing sea snakes, thousands of species of coral, a loggerhead sea turtle, flying fish and dolphins even swam next to the boat.

What I didn’t really like was that there weren’t many creatures on the reef itself. I saw all the cool creatures on the boat ride and never on the reef. I kind of wish there would be more exotic fish on the reef. It was still an awesome tour and I was super glad at least I was able to go.

Australia was an awesome place and our family will definitely go back there in the future.

(Drop the mike)

Kids out.

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