Our Family Service in Australia

Our Family Service in Australia

Our family of 6 are full time world travelers. But we don’t just want to travel leisurely, have fun, and relax while we travel. We want to learn, to grow, and to serve. So, we have made a commitment to serve wherever we visit. We may serve in a small way. We may serve in a large way. We may serve by working or giving money. But we want to help the good people of the countries that we visit. And usually by helping others, we’re the ones that learn and grow from them! Our family service in Australia was definitely one of those cases.

When we went to church on Sunday in Redcliffe, Australia, we asked the missionaries if there was anyone that they might know that our family could serve. They had the perfect person! So we met them the next afternoon at a woman’s home to help her in her yard.

We met Sharon and immediately fell in love. She was a true Australian and so easy to talk to. We got right to work with tools in hand weeding her flower beds. The beds were overgrown and she wanted to start from scratch. So, we all started picking, pulling, and digging out the weeds. We had to be careful of the ant nests! Especially in Australia where practically everything hurts ;)

The boys loved finding the skinks that were hidden in the bushes as we plucked them out. Our kids are not bashful with animals and had no problems picking them up, naming them, and playing with them. That was definitely their highlight!

The whole time we worked, we got to chat with Sharon. We learned about her and her family. We loved getting to know her! It was such a great experience being able to serve her, get to know her, and work together as a family. It was a hot and sunny day. It was dirty work. But our kids worked hard and didn’t complain. They knew the importance of helping and got the job done. We can’t wait to serve more people as we travel the world!

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