5 Reasons to Avoid Visiting New Zealand

5 Reasons to Avoid Visiting New Zealand

Yes, this is a bit of a click bait…but if you don’t like some of these things, then New Zealand is not a place you should visit. Here are 5 reasons to avoid visiting New Zealand.


If grass, forest thick with trees, and lush vegetation make you uncomfortable, then New Zealand is not for you! The countryside is full of rolling green hills, areas of thick bush and tall trees speckle the islands, and flowers and shrubbery abound. Everywhere you look, even when it’s in the middle of the dryer summer, it is green.

Relaxed Atmosphere

If you prefer to be in the hustle and bustle of a big city and enjoy the faster pace of life, then the kiwi way is not your way. Everything is just more relaxed in New Zealand. From the schools, to the community, to the service, people slow down and enjoy themselves more. Most aren’t in a hurry. People like to stop and chat to their friends or meet up for a coffee or cuppa. You will find lots of small towns with small town hospitality. There will be playgrounds around every corner, with classic childhood equipment that has long ago been banned in the States because of lawsuits. Kids run around barefoot. People aren’t worried about being “politically correct”. Everything is just more relaxed….

Ocean Views

If you don’t like the look of the ocean, the rolling waves, or the feel of sea breeze, then I’d pick a different country to visit if I were you. At most points in New Zealand, the ocean is no further than an hour away to the coast. When you do get a view of the coastline, you are sure to see turquoise water, sandy shores, and tall cliffs. The New Zealand coast is stunning!

Less Commercialization

If you enjoy shopping til you drop and finding great bargains, then you will definitely be disappointed with the shopping selection in New Zealand. Shopping just isn’t a priority. But what is, is slowing down and enjoying life and nature. You won’t see billboards blaring at you as you drive the windy roads. You won’t see gimmicks and sparkling gadgets to tempt you. Sure, there’s shopping in New Zealand. You can get anything and everything you need. And you can find some great souvenirs. But you will have to seek those out because they won’t be in your face.


If you don’t like to eat out and to try new cuisine, then you definitely shouldn’t visit New Zealand! New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures and with that comes a large array of cuisine. From Indian to Thai food and Brazilian to Turkish…you name it, New Zealand’s got it! Plus, the fish and chips are always top notch. You may drive through super small, blink an eye and it’s gone towns in New Zealand, but there will almost always be a Takeaway shop that will serve hot fish and chips (fries).

There's A Lot To Love

New Zealand is a different country that offers a different kind of fun. If you’re not interested in greenery, ocean views, a relaxed atmosphere, less commercialization, and a plethora of restaurants, then I would keep looking for a better holiday destination. But if those things are what you want in a getaway, then you won’t be disappointed! Those are 5 reasons to avoid visiting New Zealand, but we sure love it!

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