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Family Travel Costs for Kuala Lumpur

June 12, 2018

 Family Travel Costs for Kuala Lumpur


We decided to fly to Kuala Lumpur when we saw that it was cheaper for us to stop there en route to Thailand from Bali. So we made the most of that layover and spent a week there! We weren’t sure how expensive or cheap the accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment would be. We were pleasantly surprised! Here are our family travel costs for Kuala Lumpur and you can decide if you think it’s on the pricey side or not…




KL is a big city. And it wasn’t hard finding a great place to stay that was right in the middle of it all. We were able to get a discount on a great Airbnb apartment because Cody took pictures for the owner. So we got to stay in a nice place at a good price. Win win!




You never know how expensive food is going to be when  traveling…especially for a family of 6! But we were able to buy groceries and go out to eat very affordably. Jalan Alor was a favorite stop of ours that had restaurant and food vendors galore with cheap food!




We did not rent a car in KL but opted for Uber and train. Uber was so so cheap! We could get all around the city for such a good price. And it wasn’t hard securing an Uber XL each time for our larger family. We loved how easy and cheap it was to get around.




Most of our entertainment in KL was free! KL is full of tons and tons of shopping! So we had fun exploring all the different malls and Chinatown vendors. We came away with a few souvenirs, including a nice new tripod because ours broke en route from Bali. We did spend an afternoon at a cool place called KidZania. The kids loved beng able to “work” and earn and spend money.


Airfare: $431


Accommodations: $282


Transportation: $104


Food: $297


Extra: $281


TOTAL: $1,395


Average per day: $199

Average per person per day: $33


We loved our time in Kuala Lumpur and it didn’t hurt that it didn’t break the bank! We would go back in a heartbeat!




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