Thailand From a Kid's Perspective

Thailand From a Kid's Perspective

In Thailand we did lots of fun things. That includes snorkeling and going to a sea turtle sanctuary that houses baby sea turtles. We liked many things in Thailand but we are only allowed to choose a few things we enjoyed. We loved the snorkeling, the sea turtle sanctuary, the beaches and the amazing food. We liked the snorkeling because of the pretty fish and the nice warm water. We even got to see black and white clownfish swim up into our faces! By the way, this awesome snorkeling was at the Surin Islands.

We also liked the sea turtle sanctuary run by the navy for the really cute injured sea turtles. They also bring their eggs from beaches in the area to hatch them and give them a better chance of surviving. We got to feed the cute sea turtles cucumbers!

The beaches in Thailand were super fun! We went to a few beaches in Thailand and all of them were warm. The mangos were also really good. Dad would take out his pocketknife and slice up mangos on the beach and we would wait our turns for our slice of mangos.

But the best thing of Thailand was by far the food; it was so delicious and flavorful! A lot of the food was spicy, but if you ordered it Mhai Phed, it was less spicy. Our favorite was either the Massaman Curry or Pineapple Curry.

The things we didn't like were the mosquitos, they were so annoying and painful; that we had to boil water, and that the beaches were pretty dirty up near the street.

Thailand was a great place and we wish we could we could spend another month there. We also wish we could go to other places other than Khao Lak; such as Bangkok or Chang Mai. We highly recommend you go to Thailand and try the food and the beaches!

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-kids out

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