Family Travel Costs in Australia

Family Travel Costs in Australia

One of the most common reason why families don’t travel is because it costs too much, or that they think traveling will cost too much. We like to be transparent, so we’re sharing our family travel costs in Australia. How much does it really cost to travel as a big family?

Our biggest expenses when traveling are the airfare and car rental costs. It hurts a little. But, knowing that those will be our biggest expenses, we try to cut back in other areas. We try to travel as minimalist as possible. We don’t go all out on tours and all the fun things all the time. We try to travel low key and just enjoy being in the country and embrace the culture.

Eating out can add up quickly so we choose to prepare our meals at home as much as possible. That can save us a lot of money. Looking for ways to cut back will help dramatically in traveling more cost effectively. Shop on a budget, don’t eat out a lot, and only choose a few expensive activities to participate in. We were lucky enough to go on a crocodile tour for free in exchange for photography and social media promotion. Look for ways to cut back on costs and travel becomes much more affordable and enjoyable!

All of our Extra Expenses include tours, attractions, SIM cards, souvenirs, anything extra besides the basic needs.

BRISBANE (8 days)

Airfare: $879

Airbnb: $516

Car Rental: $470

Fuel: $159

Food: $327

Extra Expenses: $268

TOTAL: $2,619

Price Per Day: $327

Price Per Day/Person: $55

BINGIL BAY (10 days)

Airfare: $451

Airbnb: $706

Car Rental: $620

Fuel: $130

Food: $307

Extra Expenses: $293

TOTAL: $2,507

Price Per Day: $250

Price Per Day/Person: $42

We knew Australia would be a more expensive place to visit. But it was much cheaper for us to travel there from New Zealand instead of visiting another time. Hopefully the rest of our travels will be cheaper!

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