Can You Afford to Travel Full Time? How We've Made it Work

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Our family of 6 is traveling the world full time! No, we’re not millionaires. No, we’re not vacationing and relaxing the entire time. Can you afford to travel full time? How we’ve made it work!

Work Remote

Once we decided we wanted to travel more, our first goal was to secure a job where we could work remotely. Cody was able to get a job with an American Power Utility Company where he previously worked. He can work 100% remote. JoEllen also works remote and runs her blog and also a makeup business with her sister-in-law. Working remotely allows us to still provide for our family and explore new places.

Sell or Rent Your Home

We don’t currently own a home. We sold our homes when we moved to New Zealand. This allows us to put the money that we would be putting towards our mortgage into Airbnb homes throughout the world.

Live More Simply

Since we have made it a priority to travel, we try to spend less on frivolous things and live more simply. We eat out less, shop less, spend less on entertainment, and save! It’s amazing how much you end up spending on those types of things and it quickly adds up!


If you have a dream, dream big! Dream and then make a plan! There’s no sense in dreaming if you aren’t going to do anything about it. We dreamt of traveling more and we made a plan and put it into action! Within a few months the ball was rolling and we made it work!

You can do anything if you set your mind to it. If you want something bad enough, you can make it work out. If you think you can’t afford to travel, then think again! How can you afford to travel? Make it work!

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We are the Transparent Travelers, an American family traveling the world!  Join us as we share our real experiences & stories of what it's really like to work remotely and travel with a family of 6. We share our thorns & roses, our ups & downs, and what it all costs (financially & emotionally).

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