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Family Travel Costs in Bali

Family Travel Costs in Bali with the Transparent Travelers at

Family Travel Costs in Bali

After our 2 weeks in Australia, we headed to Bali, Indonesia! We didn’t know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised! We were surprised with the beauty, the weather, and the costs. Since we’re transparent travelers, we want to share with you our family travel costs in Bali…it was very affordable and very memorable!

BALI (12 days)

Airfare: $641

Airbnb: $709

Car Hire/Motorcycle: $148

Fuel: $3

Food: $392

Extra Expenses: $309

TOTAL: $2,203

Price Per Day: $184

Price Per Day/Person: $31

Family Travel Costs in Bali with the Transparent Travelers at

We were able to cut back on our Airbnb costs by exchanging services. For a discount, we provided pictures to the owner to better showcase their beautiful home. They got professional pictures and we got a great discount…win win!

The food in Bali was very cheap! We found that it was better to eat out once a day to save on food costs and prep. We could feed our family of 6 for around $10-15 for dinner. And the food was delicious! We just made sure to eat at restaurants that were highly rated on Trip Adviser and made sure not to eat any fruits or vegetables that couldn’t be peeled or cooked. We didn’t want to get the dreaded Bali Belly! We also got plenty of fresh fruit from the markets…and we mean plenty! The fruit was delicious and we couldn’t get enough of it!

We decided not to rent a car in Bali but just relied on hiring a driver when we needed to tour for the day. We only rented a scooter and it worked out great for Cody to take quick trips into town to get us groceries or drop off laundry.

Our extra expenses consisted of laundry (since our home didn’t come with a washer or dryer) and a one-day tour to Nusa Penida (a must!). We were content with staying close to home most of the time and enjoying the gorgeous pool and calm retreat.

We found that Bali was a very affordable place to visit with a family. These travel costs prove that you can travel on a budget with a big family and enjoy your time too!

Family Travel Costs in Bali with the Transparent Travelers at

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